Non Latex, Non Lubricated Condom Question

Q. My wife is allergic to Latex Condoms and also is Allergic to the lubricant in Condoms. Is there such thing as a Non Latex Condom with no lubricant?

A. This is a pretty common concern for many people that experience irritation when using condoms. The problem however is not as cut and dry as it may seem. First off I would like to know whether your wife has a Diagnosis from a Health Care provider of being allergic to latex. Usually the answer is no and the diagnosis was self diagnosis from Web MD or another source that shows “Latex Allergy” as a possible condition based on a symptom of the irritation.

Back about 5 years or so a new condom came across my desk called a Trojan Supra Condom. It was a non latex condom designed for those allergic to latex. The product was seriously flawed however. More on that below.  Many people that experience irritation from latex condoms are not actually allergic to latex. They are actually allergic to the Lubricant on the condom, primarily Non-Oxynol-9 Spermicide. NonOxynol-9 (or more commonly called Non-9 or simply Spermicide ) is a powerful detergent that in the realm of condoms is falsely believed to kill sperm on contact making conception less likely.

For the purpose of this question I will not go into details on that here but much more information is available at

Spermicide has been shown to cause micro fissures inside the Vagina and/or Anal Cavity. These “Micro Tears” mimic the symptoms of a Latex Allergy by damaging these sensitive areas.

When Trojan came out with its condom for those Allergic to latex, they included this poisonous lubricant on the condom. The Trojan Supra came in one model only. Lubricated with Spermicide. This caused many people to forgo using condoms entirely because those with an actual latex allergy started experiencing irritation and those who thought they were allergic to latex also had this irritation.

So getting to the answer to your question, First I would like to know what type of condom you experienced your problems with. Does the wrapper say Spermicide or NonOxynol-9? If it does I would suggest trying a condom with a less toxic lubricant. A good choice would be a Beyond Seven Aloe or Kimono Micro Thin Ultra Lubricated or any other condom without Spermicide.

If your wife is actually allergic to latex per a Doctors Diagnosis, I would recommend a Non Latex condom not lubricated with Spermicide such as a Lifestyles Skyn, a new Trojan Supra without Spermicide or Naturalamb*.

To specifically answer your question, the only Non Latex, Non Lubricated form of birth control is the FC Female Condom. It is Polyurethane (Non Latex) and contains no lubrication.

Please note: CondomDepot.Com does not sell any condoms that contain Spermicide.

*Naturalamb only offers protection against unwanted pregnancy. It does not protect against STDs or HIV.
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