What is the difference between latex condoms and other forms of condoms?

What is the difference between latex condoms and other forms of condoms?

When used PROPERLY, latex, and polyurethane condoms protect against all STDs except for crabs, and are about 99.99% effective. This makes condoms the most effective, and most comprehensive sexual protection device around, aside from abstinence.

To use your condom properly, you must ensure that it has not passed it’s expiration date, that the package is not damaged, and that it has not been stored in a hot area, such as a car, or window sill.

Most condoms come with some lubrication. If you add more, make sure that you are not using an oil based lubricant (such as Vaseline, baby oil, Massage oil or Olive Oil!) on a latex condom.

Be sure to pinch off the little thing at the top to store your juices, put it on facing the right way, roll it all the way down your joystick, and ensure that it remains on throughout play. If at any time you remove yourself from your woman’s body, be sure to grab the condom before pulling out. Otherwise the condom may slip off.

Latex condoms are made of a “natural” form of latex. Polyurethane condoms are made of a slightly stiffer synthetic material. Latex stretches more, so finding the right “size” is not much of a problem, but oil based lubricants can eat little holes in it, and will make latex into swiss cheese. Some people are also allergic to Latex, and if you intend to engage in oral sex, the latex tends to taste bad.

Polyurethane condoms can use more types of lubricants, including one that helps to protect against AIDS, but they are not as stretchy, so a good fit can be hard to get, and research has not shown much significant AIDS prevention with the fancy lubricant. Nobody is allergic to polyurethane, and it rarely has any flavor, Polyurethane can also be made thinner, for more sensation, but it costs a bit more. You may get what you pay for though.

People with latex allergies sometimes get a sheep skin condom to separate them from the other condom. On their own, sheep skin condoms provide only slight protection against pregnancy, and little to no protection against STDs. They are also rather thick, and can significantly reduce pleasurable sensations. Finding them nowadays can be very difficult, as the polyurethane condoms are better in every way I can think of.

Women can get polyurethane condoms that fit them, but a lot of people think these are just too weird to use. They’re also about ten times as expensive as condoms for men, and are supposed to stick out of the woman. If they get pushed inside her, they are as useless as a male condom that gets sucked off during use.

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